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Innovea Hubs is a digital Innovation Lab for co-creating solutions around economic growth and sustainability through use of new technologies towards promoting digital transformations for economic development.

Registered in Nigeria RC 2759360 with The Corporate Affairs Commission and recognized as one of the leading centers of Excellence in Nigeria and in the region. On a mission to promote excellence through sustainability, creativity and innovations .


Similarly in late 2018, Innovea Hubs Launched the first ever Incubation Hub and digital skills platform featured through the United Nations Department of Economy and Social Affairs (UNDESA) Decent Jobs for Youth Platform. This Platform is intended to train and equip 500,000 Africans by 2030 with Digital Skills (through Innovea Hub’s Skill Up program), Green Jobs (Through Innovea’s Green Growth Hub) and also in Renewable Energy through Innovea Energio Project (Energy Transfer Hub for Efficiency and Renewables) These combined effort is to help young entrepreneurs kick start their careers and get support to establish a startup that would thrive with the demands of the capital market.


So far, these initiatives has caught global attention as Innovea Hubs currently sit at International tables like The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), UN ECOSOC High Level Political Forum, Youth Plenaries, Innovate4Climate  and the Generation Connect, both (of The World Bank) to  discuss issues around policies in Renewable Energy, Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, Climate Change, Food Systems as well as other areas of Development.


Business security

For African young companies, it is critical to raise the necessary Capital (both public and private) and receive the relevant technical support (from clusters, private entities or other institutions) to achieve their business goals. It is surprising to see massive diaspora investing in our African entrepreneurs while here, in Africa, investors are often reluctant or simply prefer to invest abroad for fear of business security.


Our vast experience in the field of IoT, AI, FinTech and Application of these digital pathways for creating lasting solutions to real life challenges and scenarios in AgTech, Energy Efficiency, Financial Inclusion, Circular Economy and Environment Sustainability, Health Tech and EDTech as needed for marginal markets and economic growths.

Our Network in Nigeria and across Africa with a good leverage on giant brands is helping us through a fast paced world of digital and economic transformation.


Our Hubs are Technology and Innovation parks promoting research, innovation and development, digital transformation and emerging Technology economies through multidisciplinary approaches and engagements.

Changing future

We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us Please fill the contact form on our website.


Our Vision.


We are on a Glogbal Mission to build excellence

through Sustainable, Creative, and Innovative Processes



Decent Jobs

Green Jobs

Career Accelerator




Our History


Deep Experience and a culture of service and Excellence for over 7 years of Engagements.

Collaborated with Industry Leaders in Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, IoT, Data Science, Robotics (ML | DL | AI).

Over 200 Businesses are directly impacted and digitally empowered through our monthly bootcamps.

and we seek to empower 5,000 African Technology Startups through our Accelerator Programs, funding and Business Mentorships.


Our Technology

Our Technhnologby Transfer fully harnesses IoT, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Technology, Blockchain, USSD and Miniature (Hardwares), Virtual and Agmented Reality.


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